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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time Change in Texas

Sometimes I wish I lived in Arizona where you don't have to worry about changing your clocks back or forward. While it's annoying to change the clocks (that don't automatically change themselves) I have to admit I like the fall time change the best. It's daylight when I wake up - down side is that it's already dark when I get home from work...... so that gets in the way of doing the work in my backyard that I must do daily.
One thing I can't figure out is how is it that I have one of those fancy alarm clocks that is SUPPOSED to change itself, but doesn't?
I can't even change the time on it manually, but it didn't automatically change. ???? Oh well, I'm up now and fully dressed so I think I will make myself an egg for breakfast. Need the extra protein.
I also have more time now to soak up God's blessings on this nice cool morning, talk to Him about the day and the week to come and then go to church to worship Him. Ahh, great to be alive!

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